Shoko (正広)

Shoko (1412 - 1493?) was a priest and waka poet in the middle of the Muromachi period. His go (pen name) was Shogetsuan. His hogo (a Buddhist name) had been Shoko (written in Chinese character as 正晄 or 正晃) at first. He was also called Higoro no Shoko. It is also said that he was dead in 1494.

He learned the art of waka poetry under the family of Asukai, then became to admire Seigan Shotetsu's poetic style of ushin (sentiment with artistic sensibility) to become his disciple, and succeeded his name of Shogetsuan after his death. During the Onin War (1466 - 1476) he left Kyoto to take refuge. He edited 'Sokonshu' which was his teacher, Shotetsu's poetry collection, and leaded Uta-kai (poem competition). His personal collections of poetry were, "Shokashu," "Shoko Eika," and "Shoko-Ki" (the diary of Shoko) which was his travel journal to Suruga Province in 1473.

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