Onoe Shoroku (尾上松緑)

Shoroku ONOE is one of professional names for kabuki actor. The stage family name is Otowaya. The current Shoroku ONOE is the fourth. Jomon (family crest) is four rings with a pair of Japanese emperor leaves.

Shoroku ONOE (the first)
Haimyo (also known as Haimei) (the term originally refers to a pen name as a haiku poet, but it also refers to a kabuki actor's offstage name which can be used officially and privately) of Matsusuke ONOE the first, and Matsusuke himself started to use this name as a professional name.

Shoroku ONOE (Baikaku)
Baikaku ONOE temporarily borrowed the professional name from Kikugoro ONOE (the third). Common name was 'Baikaku Shoroku' (the kanji used for 'roku' was either 緑 or 録). Adopted son of Momoka NAKAYAMA. This is not counted as a succession to the professional name because it was not made official and both kanji '松緑' and '松録' were used for the name. Disciple of Tamizo ONOUE (the second).

Shoroku ONOE (the second)
Third son of Koshiro MATSUMOTO (the seventh). Disciple of Kikugoro ONOE (the sixth).

Tatsunosuke ONOE (the first)
Conferring of court rank posthumously to Tatsunosuke ONOE the first who was the first son of Tatsunosuke ONOE the first.

Shoroku ONOE (the fourth)

First son of Shoroku ONOE the third.

Also, there are other Shoroku ONOE including Shoroku ONOE (Kyogokuya) who performed actively in Osaka during the end of Edo period through early Meiji period and Shoroku ONOE (disciple of Matsunosuke ONOE) who acted in films during the Taisho period through early Showa period; however, they are not counted as official successions.

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