Hasegawa Sonin (長谷川宗仁)

Sonin HASEGAWA (1539 - March 17, 1606) is a busho (Japanese military commander), master of tea ceremony and painter in the Azuchi-momoyama period and the early Edo period. His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). He was Gyobukyo (Minister of Justice). He was raised to the second highest of priests' rank.

He was reported to be originated from merchant class of Kyoto, served Nobunaga ODA and acted as a magistrate, local governor and so on. After Nobunaga died, he served Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, often held tea ceremonies as a master of tea ceremony actively, and owned a masterpiece of tea utensils, Koseto katatsuki chaire (tea leaves pot with Koseto style) (Katatsuki HASEGAWA). He was raised to the second highest of priests' rank and also famous as a painter. He served Ieyasu TOKUGAWA after the death of Hideyoshi. His son Moritomo HASEGAWA became the lord of Hasegawa Domain in Mino Province.

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