Soseki (宗碩)

Soseki (1474 – May 28, 1533) was a linked verse poet during the Sengoku period (period of Warring States). His other name is Gessonsai. He was born in Owari Province.

He was apprenticed to the linked verse poet, Sogi IIO who was at the Kyoto Shugyokuan before he was 19 years old. After Sogi died, he kept the center of his activities in Kyoto and was active as a linked verse poet, traveling around the Hokuriku, Togoku, Kyushu regions as a messenger for the aristocracy and Daimyo. He was known to be have had interactions with Yoshihiro OUCHI of Yamaguchi, Suo Province and aristocrats such as KONOE no Naomichi and Sanetaka SANJONISHI. His poems are part of 'Jikkasenku' 'Isesenku' and there are several 'Soseki Collections,' 'Sano no Watari,' writing while travel to Ise.
In classical studies, he has written in 'Jikkosho' about the interpretations of Sogi on 'Kokin Wakashu' (A Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry), and 'Chokusen Meisho-Waka Shoshitsu' 'Genji Nannyo Sozoku Sho.'

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