Dairin Soto (大林宗套)

Soto DAIRIN (1480-1568) was a Japanese Zen monk and a master of the tea ceremony. He was the 90th chief priest of Daitoku-ji Temple. He was born in Kyoto.

He was given the name and title of 仏印円証 Zenji by Emperor Gonara and Shogakufutsu Kokushi by Emperor Ogimachi.

At the request of Nagayoshi MIYOSHI, he founded Nanshu-ji Temple in Sakai as a family temple of the Miyoshi clan. Joo TAKENO shiho (inherited the dharma from a priest master). Moreover, many Sakaishu, including Dochin KITAMUKI, Sozui ASAINO, SEN no Rikyu, Sogyu TSUDA and Miyoshi clan, had been enlightened.

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