Inadome Sukehide (稲富祐秀)

Sukehide INADOME (1508 - 1567) was a busho (Japanese military commander) who lived in the Sengoku period (period of warring states in Japan) and a vassal of the Isshiki clan. His another name was Naotoki. One of his grandchildren was Sukenao INATOMI.

He possessed Yuminoki-jo Castle in Tango Province. It has been said that he served Yoshisada ISSHIKI. It has been said that Sukehide learned the art of fire weapons from a person called Yoshikuni SASAKI who was so excellent at the art of fire weapons as to be called Teppo-Meijin (Master in the art of fire weapons). And in 1554, he receive a certification of the art of fire weapons from Yoshikuni. Afterward, Sukehide's art of fire weapons was, along with original improvements brought by continuous efforts, handed down as 'INADOME Teppo-Jutsu' (INADOME's art of fire weapons).

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