Hino Sukenori (日野資矩)

Sukenori HINO (September 16, 1756 to August 26, 1830) is a Kugyo (high court noble) in Edo period. He was the 37th head of the Hino family. His official rank was Juichii (Junior First Rank) Gon Dainagon (provisional chief counselor of state). He was a son of Sukeki HINO. His mother was the daughter of Katsutane HIROHASHI. His legal wife was a daughter of Mitsutsuna YANAGIHARA and his second wife was a daughter of Mototsura MIBU. Among his children were Nagamitsu HINO, Sukeo HINO, Sukenaru HINO, Yoshisue OMIYA, his daughters Tsuneto HIROHATA, Naotomo NABESHIMA, Sukeyoshi KADENOKOJI, and his adopted daughter Masakuni MORI.

Like his father, he excelled in Japanese poetry, and compiled the peom book "Senko Gyoei". He commented on "Diary Round Rivers" written by Senshu KANAZAWA. Moreover, he performed tanka poetry and was beloved by royal nobles including the Emperor's family. Especially, he was on very good terms with Imperial Prince Kaninnomiya Haruhito (Kokaku Emperor's brother). He was a representative poet on the temple of the era.

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