Taira no Tadayori (平忠頼)

TAIRA no Tadayori (July 16, 930?-January 25, 1019?) was a warrior in the mid-Heian period. His father was MURAOKA no Goro, TAIRA no Yoshifumi. His children included TAIRA no Tadatsune and TAIRA no Yorito, and TAIRA no Masakado (son of TAIRA no Yoshimasa) was his cousin. Like his father Tadayori adopted the name MURAOKA, and called himself MURAOKA no Jiro. He also called himself 経明 and 恒明 (Tsuneaki).

His father Yoshifumi was a son of TAIRA no Takamochi, a son of Imperial Prince Kazurawara (Takamochi renounced his membership in the Imperial Family and adopted the Taira clan), and had influence over Shimousa Province; Tadayori increased influence over Musashi Province and became opposed to his cousin TAIRA no Shigemori (son of TAIRA no Kunika). His descendants branched off in the Chichibu clan (Kawagoe clan and Hatakeyama clan [Taira clan]), the Boso Taira clan (Kazusa clan and Chiba clan), and the Nakamura clan (Sagami Province) (Dohi clan and Tsuchiya clan), and they formed armed groups in the Kanto region, extending their influence.

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