Ichijo Tadaka (一条忠香)

Tadaka ICHIJO (March 25, 1812 - December 17, 1863) was a Kugyo (high court noble) who lived in the late Edo period. His hogo (Buddhist name) was Gotaishoji (or Godaishoji). He was the fourth son of Tadayoshi ICHIJO. His mother was Tomiko, Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank), who was a daughter of Narishige HOSOKAWA. His wife was Princess ('Jo-o') Yoriko (the second daughter to Imperial Prince Fushimi no miya Kuniie). He had siblings including an older brother named Sanemichi ICHIJO and a younger brother named Takemichi KOGA. He had children including: Saneyoshi ICHIJO, Empress Dowager Shoken (empress consort to Emperor Meiji), Akiko (Yasunobu YANAGISAWA's lawful wife), an adopted daughter Mine (Yoshikuni HOSOKAWA's lawful wife) and an adopted daughter Mikako ICHIJO (Yoshinobu TOKUGAWA's midaidokoro [shogun's lawful wife]). He had an official court rank of Juichii Sadaijin (Junior First Rank, Minister of the Left). Regarding a friction caused between the two candidates for the 14th Shogun's post, Yoshinobu HITOTSUBASHI and Yoshitomi (the future Iemochi) TOKUGAWA ('Shogun keishi mondai' in Japanese), he supported the Hitotsubashi-ha group. He was in a party advocating a theory of 'Kobu Gattai' (union of the imperial court and the shogunate), thus standing in opposition to the Kuge (court nobles) of the Sonjo-ha party (supporting the principle of 'Sonno Joi' advocating reverence for the Emperor and the expulsion of foreigners).


In 1812, he was born as the fourth son of Tadayoshi ICHIJO.

On March 1, 1820, he was appointed to Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank).

In 1858, he was appointed Naidaijin (Minister of the Center) and remained in the position until 1859.

In 1859, he was appointed Sadaijin (Minister of the Left).

On May 25, 1860, he was appointed to Juichii (Junior First Rank).

In 1862, he and his son Saneyoshi ICHIJO assumed newly created positions as Kokuji Goyo-gakari (board of national affairs, where the board members selected from among the Kuge nobles freely discussed national affairs regardless of their lineage, office and rank).

In 1863, he died. He died at the age of 52.

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