Bomon Tadakiyo (坊門忠清)

Tadakiyo BOMON was a kuge (a court noble) in the early Kamakura period. His father was Nobukiyo BOMON (naidaijin [minister of the center]). His mother was a daughter of FUJIWARA no Sadayoshi (Gon Dainagon [Provisional Chief Councilor of State]). His mother's older brother wasTadanobu BOMON. Included in his younger sisters were Nishi-hachijo Zenni (seishitsu [legal wife] of MINAMOTO no Sanetomo) and two younger sisters who were nyobos (court ladies) of Emperor Gotoba and Emperor Juntoku.


On February 23, 1178 he assumed Shorokuinojo (Senior Sixth Rank, Upper Grade) and Gon no suke (provisional vice governor) of Buzen, and from then on, he was steadily promoted. Because his older brother, Tadanobu, was Gon Dainagon and his younger sisters were married to Emperors and Shogun, he was an influential person in the Chotei (Imperial Court). For this reason, he fought against the army of bakufu at the Jokyu war, which took place in May 1221, and he was punished after the war. His younger brother, Tadakiyo, was implicated in his elder brother's crime and was ousted, and went missing since then.

Chronological list of the main events

Date according to old lunar calendar
On January 27, 1178, he was awarded Shorokuinojo (Senior Sixth Rank, Upper Grade) and Gon no suke (provisional vice governor) of Buzen Province. On November 18, 1179, he was awarded Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). On January 30, 1198, he was appointed as Awa no kami (governor of Awa Province). On December 10, 1199, he was appointed as Owari no kami (governor of Owari Province).
On August 8, 1204, he was awarded Shogoinojo (Senior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade)
On November 29,1207, he was awarded Jushiinojo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade). Dates unknown: he was appointed as Sahyoe no suke, Ushosho (Minor Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards) and Harima no kami (governor of Harima Province) and so on.

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