Kajuji Tadako (勧修寺ただ子)

Tadako KAJUJI (December 1, 1780 – April 20, 1843) was Naishi no suke (handmaid) for Emperor Kokaku, and the real mother of Emperor Ninko. She was Nyoin (woman bestowed with the title "in").

She has been called her title as Nyoin, Higashikyogokuin (or Tokyogokuin). Her childhood name was Misao or Fuyuko. She was officially called Shin-naishi or Saisho-naishi or Gon Chunagon Naishi, or Sanmi no tsubone.

In 1780, she was born as a daughter of Dainagon (chief councilor of state) Tsunehaya KAJUJI. Her mother was Sukeishi (or Kazuko) IKEDA, a daughter of Nakatsune IKEDA who was the lord of the Shikano Domain in Settsu Province.

In 1792, she was received at the court as Naishi no suke for Emperor Kokaku.

In 1800, she bore an imperial prince who became Emperor Ninko. In 1842, she was raised to Jusanmi (junior third rank).

In 1843, she died.

In 1845, she was conferred the posthumous title Jusango Higashikyogokuin.

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