Kawakami Tadatomo (川上忠智)

Tadatomo KAWAKAMI (year of birth unknown - 1607) was a warrior during the Warring States period and Azuchi-Momoyama period. He was a vassal of the Shimazu clan. He was initially Sakyo no suke (Assistant Master of the Eastern Capital Offices), and later the governor of Mikawa Province. His father was Tadaoki KAWAKAMI. His children were Tadakata, Tadae, and Hisatomo KAWAKAMI.

He served Yosihiro SHIMAZU as a chief retainer, and the military estate steward of 'Takanabe-cho, Hyuga Province,' 'Kurino, Osumi Province,' 'Magoshi, Gamo' and so forth.

On June 24, 1572, in the Battle of Kizakibaru, he served as the keeper of Kakuto-jo Castle where the lawful wife and heir Kakujumaru of Yoshihiro SHIMAZU lived, and in cooperation with reinforcements from Iino-jo Castle headed by Yoshikata TOYA, repulsed the army of the Ito clan.

In 1578, when Kanetomo OCHIAI, the lord of Takanabe-jo Castle on the side of the Ito clan shifted sides to the Shimazu family, Tadatomo was appointed the lord of Takarabe-jo Castle.

In 1580, in cooperation with Tadatomo NIIRO and Masatoshi KAMATA, he attacked and defeated Korefuyu NAKAMURA, the lord of Yazaki-jo Castle (Uto County in Kumamoto Prefecture) in the land of the Aso clan in Higo Province.

On May 4, 1584, in the Battle of Okitanawate, when he fought the Ryuzoji clan of Hizen Province, he attacked the enemy's main force, and his heir Tadakata rendered distinguished service by killing the enemy General Takanobu RYUZOJI.

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