Kishida Tadauji (岸田忠氏)

Tadauji KISHIDA (? - January 20, 1616) was a feudal warlord in the Azuchi-Momoyama period. He was a feudal lord of Kishida in Yamato Province. He had another name of Haruzumi. Governor of Hoki Province.

He served Junkei TSUTSUI, with a stipend of 2,000 koku, and when Junkei's adopted son, Sadatsugu TSUTSUI, was transferred to Iga Province, he came to serve Hidenaga TOYOTOMI and his adopted son Hideyasu TOYOTOMI. After the death of Hideyasu, he became a vassal of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI and was awarded a territory of ten thousand koku in Kishida, Yamabe County, Yamato Province.

He fought in the Battle of Sekigahara, belonging to the Western Army and joining the unit led by Yukinaga KONISHI as a member of Kihoroshu (bodyguard group for Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI) together with Nobutaka ODA and Morimasa ITO. Consequently, he was deprived of his properties and position. In November 1601, he was left to the care of Toshinao NANBU of the Nanbu clan. He died in 1616 and was buried at Korin-ji Temple (now in Ishidoriya-cho). He was at the age of 70-odd. His descendants survived as feudal retainers of the same clan.

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