Adachi Takakage (安達高景)

Takakage ADACHI (the date of birth and death unknown) was a Gokenin (an immediate vassal of the shogunate in the Kamakura and Muromachi through Edo periods) during the end of Kamakura period. He was one of the family members of the Adachi clan and an heir to Tokiaki ADACHI. He was the last Akitajo no suke (provincial governor of Akita-jo castle in Dewa Province) from the Adachi clan. His wife was a daughter of Enki NAGASAKI.

Tokikage and his father Tokiaki wielded reins of power as maternal relatives of the Tokuso Family of the Hojo clan, having his sisters married to the regent Takatoki HOJO and he, himself married a daughter of Uchi-Kanrei (the head of Tokuso family) Enki NAGASAKI. In 1331, he went to Kyoto with Sadafuji NIKAIDO as a member of the envoy to induce Emperor Godaigo to accept his abdication. His father Tokiaki ADACHI killed himself as Takatoki HOJO and other members of the Hojo clan committed suicide at the time of the fall of Kamakura bakufu, caused by the rebellion of Takauji ASHIKAGA in May 1333. However, Takakage fled with Tokiyuki HOJO to Mutsu Province where the Hojo clan owned its shoryo (territory), and they were harbored by Michisaga SOGA, a miuchibito (private vassals of Tokuso family) by the end of 1333 when Takakage rose in rebellion at Daikoji-jo Castle in Northern part of Oshu (Northern Honshu, the region encompassing Mutsu and Dewa Provinces). After he fought several battles including ones in Ishikawa-jo Castle and Mochiyori-jo Castle, he was defeated by Akiie KITABATAKE in November 1334.

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