Kikuchi Takemasa (菊池武政)

Takemasa KIKUCHI (1342-July 14, 1374) was a busho (Japanese military commander), who lived in the period of Northern and Southern Courts. He was the 16th family head of the Kikuchi clan. He was a son of Takemitsu KIKUCHI, who was the 15th family head.

His by-name was Jiro KIKUCHI.

He fought against the Northern Court force in Kyushu together with his father Takemitsu and achieved various feats. However, after Sadayo IMAGAWA (Ryoshun) came to Kyushu as a new Kyushu Tandai (local commissioner), Takemasa and his father continuously lost battles to Ryoshun.

His father passed away due to illness in November 1373 while being in disgrace. He took over the role and inherited the family estate. However, Ryoshun took advantage of his father's death and further continuously defeated Takemasa; it is said that the military power of the Kikuchi clan became so weak that the clan had to demand Koretake ASO for reinforcements.

While the Kikuchi clan power was obviously diminishing, he died young of illness at the age of 33 on July 14, 1374, only two years after he inherited the family estate as if he was trying to follow his father. His child Taketomo KIKUCHI succeeded to his position.

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