Kikuchi Taketoshi (菊池武敏)

Taketoshi KIKUCHI (year of birth unknown - 1341) is a Southern Court (Japan) busho (Japanese military commander) from the end of Kamakura period into the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). The ninth son of Taketoki KIKUCHI, the twelfth family head of the Kikuchi clan. Younger brother of the thirteenth family head, Takeshige KUKUCHI.

His common name is Kuro KIKUCHI. Due to the accomplishment in the battle by his father, he was appointed to be Kamon no suke (Assistant Director of the House Repair and Cleaning Office) from the Emperor Godaigo.

In 1335, when Takauji ASHIKAGA opposed against the Emperor Godaigo, Taketoshi attacked Sadatsune SHONI who supported the Ashikaga side in his province, and although he suffered in the battle, he was able to defeat him. Also, on top of his wins, he battled against the Ashikaga army in the Battle of Tatarahama. In this battle, although Taketoshi side had the advantage with the military force, since it was just a motley army and the Matsuura clan and other clans defected, they went through a huge defeat, and Korenao ASO and Takehisa KAMACHI of the ruling party died in this battle and Taketoshi KIKUCHI himself escaped for his life to his province. When Takauji lead his army from Kyushu up east, he had to fight with ASHIKAGA army all around the Kyushu area.

The details about the year of his death is unknown, but after the death of his brother, Takeshige, he looked after Takehito KIKUCHI who succeeded afterwards. It is believed that he died while Takehito was the family head.

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