Kikuchi Takezumi (菊池武澄)

Takezumi KIKUCHI (year of birth unknown - July 27, 1356) is a busho (Japanese military commander) from the end of Kamakura period into the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). The son of Taketoki KIKUCHI, the twelfth family head of the Kikuchi clan.

Due to his father's achievement in the battle field, during the Kenmu Restoration (The new government of Emperor Godaigo), he was appointed to be a Governor of Hizen Province by the Emperor Godaigo. In 1348, along with his brother Takemitsu KIKUCHI, he took in the Imperial Prince Kaneyoshi of the Emperor Godaigo to Hizen Province, and after that, he fought with them and Korezumi ASO against the Northern Court (Japan) power throughout Kyushu and defeated them. Mizoguchi-jo Castle in 1351, Isshiki clan in 1353, and in 1355 with Ujiyasu OTOMO and Noriuji ISSHIKI. However, he got ill in the end of June the following year later, and tried to erect a temple in hope of recovery, but to no avail; he died on July 19. After his death, his wife completed the Kofuku-ji Temple in Shiyo-zan Mountain.

The death of Takezumi became one of the causes for the decline of Southern Court power in the Kyushu area.

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