Hayashi Takino (林滝野)

Takino HAYASHI was Tekkan YOSANO's and later Oyo MASATOMI's wife. She was born in Tokuchi, Yamaguchi City.

While she was studying at Tokuyama girl's school (later Yamaguchi Prefectural Tokuyama Koto Gakko (high school), she fell in love with Tekkan YOSANO, a teacher of the school, began to live together without getting married, and gave birth to her son Atsumu. Later, she ran away to Tokyo with him. She became Tekkan's second wife. She started publishing Myojo magazine with Tekkan. She was one of the editors of the early-time magazines. She divorced Tekkan in 1901 being disgusted with him when he courted Masako YOSANO. Later, she remarried Oyo MASATOMI. The house where MASATOMI was living was the same house where Ichiyo HIGUCHI had lived (4 banchi Maruyama Fukuyamamachi, where Kusahei MORITA later lived).

Literature monument
There is a literature monument in her place of birth. The inscription on the stone monument that reads "Shiten Kokonoe, Yomon Daigaku" was a work of Daigaku HORIGUCHI. The stone monument is located in Iga, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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