Katagiri Tamemoto (片桐為元)

Tamemoto KATAGIRI (1611 to June 25, 1654) was the third lord of Tatsuta Domain in Yamato Province. He was the fourth son of the first lord Katsumoto KATAGIRI. His lawful wife was a daughter of Tadashige SAKAI.

He was born in Yamashiro Province in 1611. His childhood name was Hannojo. As his elder brother and lord of the domain Takatoshi KATAGIRI died with no heir to follow him in 1638, Tamemoto inherited the domain as matsugo yoshi (adopted as a son on the adoptor's deathbed), but the family's territory was reduced from 40,000 goku to 10,000 goku in exchange for the approval of his inheritance. He died at the age of 44 on June 25, 1654, and his son Tametsugu KATAGIRI succeeded the family.
Tomb: Gensho-ji Temple, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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