Reizei Tamemura (冷泉為村)

Tamemura REIZEI (March 5, 1712 - September 4, 1774) was a court noble and a poet of the mid Edo period. His father was Tamehisa REIZEI of the Kami-Reizei family. His official wife was the daughter of Tamenobu FUJITANI. His children include Tameyasu REIZEI, Mitsumura MIMURODO, Tameyoshi IRIE and daughters - the wife of Norikata FUNABASHI, the wife of ? YAMASHINA (山科敬言), the wife of ? TSUTSUMI (堤敬長), the wife of Naganori TAKAKURA and the wife of Kazumoto MACHIJIRI. He is said to be the Chuku no So (the founder of the renaissance) of the Reizei family.

He received the Kokin denju (the secret transmissions of the "Kokinshu", Anthology of Old and New Japanese Poems) in 1721 from the Emperor Reigen. Apparently, some Waka Kaishi (paper used for writing tanka poetry) with corrections by the Emperor Reigen including markings, still exist. In 1758, he became Shonii (Senior Second Rank), then 1759, reached to Gon Dainagon (Provisional Chief Councilor of State), but entered the priesthood in 1770.
His Buddhist name was '止静心院殿寂源澄覚.'

His books include one on poetry 'Reizei Tamemurakyo Kashu' and literature 'Shofu Mondo.'

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