Katagiri Tameyasu (片切為安)

Tameyasu KATAGIRI (year of birth and death unknown) was a samurai in the closing years of the Heian period. He was a son of either Kegeshige KATAGIRI (Kohachiro daibu) or Tametoo KATAGIRI (Shichiro). He was a grandson of MINAMOTO no Tametomo, who was Shinano no kuni no kami (Governor of Shinano Province). Tameyasu was the head of the Katagiri clan, a local ruling family whose home ground was Katagiri-go, Ina-gun, Shinano Province. He was commonly called Taro or Genji.

When the Heiji Disturbance occurred, his father Kageshige sided with the army of MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo, but his forces were lost in the battle, which ended up changing the ownership of the Katagiri clan's fief to the Taira clan and left the Katagiri clan without fief for over 20 years thereafter. In 1184, when Tameyasu was summoned to Kamakura, MINAMOTO no Yoritomo felt sorry for him and arranged a return of his former fief to him (according to the article of June 23 [old calendar], 1184, of "Azuma Kagami" [the Mirror of the East]).

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