Fukui Tanin (福井端隠)

Tanin FUKUI (male 8 October, 1801- 22 August 1885) was a Japanese Tenkoku artist (artist of seal engraving) from the end of Edo period to Meiji period.

His name was Busho but changed it to Matsuei after succession to Fukui clan. His Azana (courtesy name used by the scholars and the literati of Japan to lend an academic, cultured feel to the name) is Koei and Tanin is his Go (second name or alias), but, in addition to that, he has other Gos as Ogu, Usen, Ryokusetushooku. His common name is Taito. He was born in Ise.

Brief Biography
He was born as the second son of Takeshige ENOKURAKAGEYUSHI in Isekaminakanogo (present-day Ise city, Mie Prefecture). He was ranked as Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) in Shinto priesthood of Ise Jingu Shrine. He lived in Shimokubo and moved to Tameda. He studied calligraphic works and paintings and tenkoku under Kakuan OMATA. He established his own family, esteeming Japanese historical tenkoku created by Fuyo KO who is honored as insei (master of sealing), and he was also skillful at Yamatokointai. He was familiar with Sado (tea ceremony) and, after becoming a disciple of Soshitsu SEN, he mastered Yabunouchi school under Jyochi YABUNOUCHI.

Kanzan YAMADA, Shonen MATSUKI, Chosei YAMAMOTO, Koo UWABE, Seisho TANAKA, Kanun EGAWA, Kansho TASHIRO, Baiha HIGAKI, Keiun KAWASAKI, Uchiku KAWAMURA, Kitsuen KITAGAWA are disciples of him.

He died at the age of 85. His graveyard was located in Shinmachiura (present-day Uenoshinmachi, Iga City).

His son, Suikin FUKUI, has also remarkable skill of Tenkoku but he died at young age.

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