Akiyama Teisuke (秋山定輔)

Teisuke AKIYAMA (August 24, 1868 - January 19, 1950) was a statesman and businessman from Okayama Prefecture. AKIYAMA was the member of the House of Representatives.

Personal Profile
After he graduated from Tokyo University, he worked in the Board of Audit. In 1893, he published a newspaper, "Niroku Shinpo" as a director of a publishing company. "Niroku Shipo" shared the market with another gossip paper, "Manchoho," which was also specialized in the scandals of celebrity.

In 1902, he was elected to be a member of the House of Representatives, but he came under suspicion as the spy of the Russian Empire when Russian Spy Incident occurred. The disciplinary committee reported that although there was no evidence discovered, the suspicion against AKIYAMA as the spy of Russia could not be cleared. On March 28, 1904, the penalty regarding this incident was approved by the plenary session members, to recommend AKIYAMA for resignation. AKIYAMA resigned from the House of Representative on the next day of the recommendation, on March 29.

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