Ito Togai (伊藤東涯)

Togai ITO (June 15, 1670 to August 23, 1736) was a Confucianism scholar in the mid Edo period. He was the eldest son of Jinsai ITO, a Confusian scholar, and the second generation master of the private school Kogido (Confucianism school taught by Jinsai ITO). His mother Kana was the cousin of Korin OGATA and Kenzan OGATA. His name was Nagatsugu. The characters were Genzo. His Buddhist name was Shojutsu Sensei.

He was the chieftain of family with a gentle character and supported his father and younger brothers, and built the basis for the prosperity of Kogigaku (Study of Ancient Principles). He worked for the edit and the publication of the book which his father Jinsai left after death, and also published himself "Kunyo Jigi". He also made efforts to research basic fields such as Chinese language, history of systems in China, and Confucian history etc. Moreover, he was on intimate friendship with Hakuseki ARAI, Sorai OGYU and others.

The title Togai was a title by himself. It was related to the fact that Kogido was located near Horikwa-dori Street and Demizu-dori Street in Kyoto, the east shore of the Hori-kawa River (Kyoto Prefecture). His wife was from the Kato clan and had three sons. However, since the eldest child and the second son had an early death, the third son Zensho (titled Tosho) succeeded to Kogido.

Moreover, in the letter which Togai sent to Sensaemon NAMIKAWA in April, 1703, there was news about Kurobei ONO (who was known as a disloyalty retainer of the Genroku Ako Incident) and Goemon ITO's brothers. Therefore, the possibility that he was a relative of Togai in the Ito family was high.


Three volumes of "Yoji Kaku" (Squares for characters)
Meibutsu Rokujo (famous product six quires)
Seido Tsu (System expert) 13 volumes, Heibonsha, Toyo bunko all in two volumes
Study strangeness of now and then Three volumes
" Bengi Roku"a part of the following are included
"Shojutsu Sensei Bunshu" (Collection of works of Teacher Shojutsu)"Kinsei Juka Bunshu Shusei 4" (Collection of Essays of Confucianists of modern times)Perikansha
"Hyosoku Tan""Nippon Zuihitsu Taisei" (A Big Collection of Japanese Essays), 1st issue, volume 11Yoshikawa Kobunkan Inc.
"Jinsai ITO Togai ITO"(A collection of philosophical thoughts in Japan 33 Iwanami Shoten, Publishers)
"Jinsai ITO with Togai ITO" (Book series, Japanese thoughts 10, Meitoku Shuppan Inc.)

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