Adachi Tokiaki (安達時顕)

Tokiaki ADACHI (year of birth unknown, died on July 12, 1333) was a vassal of the Kamakuar bakufu, during the end of Kamakura period.
Akitajo no suke
He was a member of the Adachi family and his father was Muneaki ADACHI, who was killed in the Shimotsuki incident (the political coup against the Kamakura bakufu). His legitimate son was Takakage ADACHI and his daughter was the wife of Takatoki HOJO.

Most of the Adachi family, including Tokiaki's father Muneaki, were killed in the Shimotsuki incident in 1285. However, Tokiaki, who was a baby at the time, escaped with his nurse and survivied. After TAIRA no Yoritsuna was killed in the Heizenmon War in 1293, the Adachi family was permitted to be re-established, and Tokiaki took over as the head of Akita castle, the estate of Adachi family.

After the ninth regent, Sadatoki HOJO died in 1311, according to his wish, Tokiaki and Takatsuna NAGASAKI acted as guardians for the legitimate child of Sadatoki, Takatoki, who was nine years old. In 1317, he had a memorial service for the thirty-third anniversary of the death of his father, Muneaki, who was killed in the Shimotsuki incident. In 1316, he made his daughter marry Takatoki who took over the position of regent at the age of 14 in order to gain status as the maternal relative of the Tokuso family of the Hojo clan. The legitimate child of Takakage was married to the daughter of Enki NAGASAKI to become a relative of Uchi-Kanrei (the head of the Tokuso Family) in order to enhance his power.

In September, 1324, the plan to overthrow the Kamakura bakufu by the Emperor Godaigo was revealed and the court nobles who participated in the plan were punished by Rokuharatandai (the inspector). He and Enki NAGASAKI closely questioned Nobufusa MADENOKOJI who was sent to Kamakura by the Emperor Godaigo to explain the plan. It is believed that Nobufusa being scared of Tokiaki drew derision. When the position of regent was vacant after Takatoki became a monk in March 1326, the Nagasaki family who recommended Kunitoki HOJO, the son of Takatoki' mistress who was a daughter of his vassal had a conflict with the father of Takatoki's wife, Tokiaki and the Adachi family who recommended Takatoki's brother, Yasuie HOJO (Karyaku Rebellion). Other Hojo families were also involved in the conflict. Kunitoki was finally considered a legitimate child of Takatoki.

In 1333, he killed himself with other Hojo family members in Tosho-ji Temple (Kamakura City) after the Kamakura bakufu was destroyed.

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