Kasai Tokikiyo (葛西時清)

Tokikiyo KASAI was a busho of Kamakura period.

He was the third (or fourth) family head of the Kasai clan. It is said that he was Kiyochika KASAI's own younger brother, but became his adopted son.

As Kasai clan's family head, he was a person whose actions were not so clear. However, mainly from the material between Bunryaku era and Hoji era, it is evident that he was a powerful family head who accompanied FUJIWARA no Yoritsune, the Seii Taishogun (Barbarian Subduing General). Succeeding to Tokikiyo was his younger brother, Kiyotsune KASAI.

It happened so often that a brother was recorded as a son or vice versa depending on genealogy. There are various theories about Kasai clan's detailed genealogy.

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