Hiramatsu Tokitsune (平松時庸)

Tokitsune HIRAMATSU (June 20, 1599 - August 24, 1654) was a Kuge (court noble) who lived during the early Edo Period. He was the first family head of the Hiramatsu family.
His original name was 'Tokioki.'
His official rank was Junii Gon Chunagon (Junior Second Rank, Provisional Vice-councilor of State).

Tokitsune was the second son of Tokiyoshi NISHINOTOIN, the 26th family head of the Nishinotoin family.
He founded a new branch family 'the Hiramatsu family.'
His wives were Osai, a daughter of Tanenaga AKIZUKI, and a daughter of Terusuke HINO (or Sukekatsu HINO). His children were Tokitsune HIRAMATSU and two daughters: the third and the forth wives of Nobunao MIZOGUCHI. His adopted daughter became the second wife of Mitsuhisa SHIMAZU (Yowain, a daughter of Tokisada KATANO, the biological younger brother of Tokitsune).

As his adopted daughter became the lawful wife of the head of the Shimazu family, frequent interactions between the Shimazu and the Hiramatsu families started. Especially, the Hiramatsu family had a close tie with the Nejime clan, vassal of the Shimazu clan. Some point out that the Nejime clan was influenced by the Hiramatsu family, and changed their original main name Takebe to 'Komatsu' claiming to be the descendants of the Taira clan.

The Hiramatsu family was regarded as the lineage of the Konoe family, so the two families were also close. Accordingly, he later secretly adopted Hiroko KONOE, a daughter of Motohiro KONOE, by Motohiro's request.

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