Goto Tokuzo (後藤得三)

Tokuzo GOTO (17 January, 1897 - 22 July, 1991) was a Noh actor of the shite-kata Kita school (one of the five schools of shite-kata [main roles]). A high-caliber disciple of the 14th Roppeita KITA.

Born in Osaka as the second son of Shinpei GOTO. In 1909, he went to Tokyo to apprentice himself to the 14th Roppeita KITA. He made his debut with Shimai (Noh dance in simple costumes) "Kokaji" (Sword Craftsman). Participated in Venice Biennale as a member of the first Noh group visiting Europe in 1954. Participated in the Culture Fest in Paris as a member of the second Noh group visiting Europe in 1957. Received the Award of the Japan Art Academy in 1963. Received the National Art Festival Award in 1967. Designated as a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure) in 1970. Became a member of the Japan Art Academy in 1982. Received the 3rd class of the Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1984.

Yahan GOTO, a haiku poet, is his older brother. Minoru KITA, the 15th head of the leading family in the Kita school, is his younger brother. He adopted Hideo KANZE in 1949, when Hideo transferred to the Kita school, but this adoption was dissolved when Hideo returned to the Kanze school.

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