Iwakura Tomoai (岩倉具集)

Tomoai IWAKURA (October 26, 1778 - June 22, 1853) was a son of Tomokazu IWAKURA. His mother was a daughter of Ariyoshi AYANOKOJI. His lawful wife ('seishitsu' in Japanese) was a daughter of Toshisuke AYANOKOJI. He had a biological son named Tomomitsu IWAKURA and adopted sons named Tomokata IWAKURA (who was a biological son of Sadashige IMAKI) and Tomoyasu IWAKURA (the second son of Shigenari OHARA). His official court rank was Shonii (Senior Second Rank). He was a disciple of Takamasa OKUNI and was a skillful painter.

Brief Personal History

In 1778 he was born to Tomokazu IWAKURA.

On January 15, 1811, he was conferred an official court rank of Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank).

In 1839 he was raised to Shonii (Senior Second Rank) Gon Dainagon (Provisional Chief Councilor of State).

In 1853 he died. He died at the age of 76.

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