Doi Toshiatsu (土井利厚)

Toshiatsu DOI (1759-August 10, 1822) was daimyo (a Japanese territorial lord) and a politician in the late Edo period. Toshiatsu was the third lord of Koga Domain in Shimousa Province. Toshiatsu was the tenth family head of the Doi family.

Toshiatsu was the fourth son of Tadaakira SAKURAI-MATSUDAIRA who was the lord of Amagasaki Domain in Settsu Province. Toshiatsu was adopted as a succeeding son by Toshimi DOI who was the lord of Koga Domain and first called himself Toshikazu. Toshiatsu's lawful wife was an adopted daughter of Katsukiyo ITAKURA (a daughter of Katsuaki ITAKURA). Toshiatsu's children were Toshiyuki DOI (second son), Toshihiro (third son), a daughter (lawful wife of Tateyuki HOSOKAWA), and a daughter (wife of Naonori NAGAI). Toshiatsu's official rank was a jiju (chamberlain) at Juyoninoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and Oi no kami (Director of the Bureau of the Palace Kitchen).

After Toshimi died within a month of his succeeding, Toshiatsu succeeded to all of Toshimi's territory and has long been the lord of Koga Domain for 45 years. During his reign, he held the important posts in succession such as jisha-bugyo (magistrate of temples and shrines), Kyoto shoshidai (Kyoto deputy), and roju (senior councilor), and he obtained additional 10,000 koku (approximately 1.8 million liters of crop yield) to his salary.

Since Toshiatsu had no heir (Toshihiro, his legitimate son died young), he adopted Toshii DOI, the fourth son of Toshitoku DOI, the lord of Kariya Domain in Mikawa Province which was a branched family of the DOI family.

Brief Personal History
1759: Toshiatsu was born. January 18, 1778: He was adopted by Toshimi DOI and succeeded to the whole Koga Domain. He was assigned to Oi no kami.

April 22, 1786: Toshiatsu was appointed to jisha-bugyo.

July 29, 1788: He resigned jisha-bugyo.

January 21, 1797: He was again appointed to jisha-bugyo.

August 19, 1801: He was appointed to Kyoto-shoshidai.

November 14, 1802: He was appointed to roju.

may 19, 1822: He obtained additional 10,000 koku to his salary.

August 10, 1822: He died while still holding the position of roju.

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