Kikkawa Tsuneshige (吉川経茂)

Tsuneshige KIKKAWA (dates of birth and death unknown) was a samurai who lived in the late Kamakura period. He was the founder of the Kikkawa clan of Iwami area. His father was Tsunemitsu KIKKAWA. Among his children, there was Tsunekane KIKKAWA.

In 1313, his older brother Tsunetaka KIKKAWA decided to move to Oasa town, Aki Province, despite his advanced age of nearly 80. Tsuneshige accompanied him and moved to Aki Province together. The older brother gave him the position of jito shiki (manager and lord of a private estate) of Tsubuchi no sho estate, Iwami Province, and he became the first-generation Kikkawa clan resided in Iwami Province. He arranged to have his daughter marry Tsunemori KIKAWWA, who was the family head of the Kikkawa clan in Aki Province. The fact suggests that he was valued by the soke (the head family) as an assistant of the Kikkawa clan in Aki Province.

His year of death is unknown. His successor was one of his son, Tsunekane KIKKAWA.

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