Konoe Uchisaki (近衛内前)

Uchisaki KONOE (July 28, 1728-April 28, 1785) was a Court noble, Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor), and Daijo-daijin (Grand minister of state) in the mid-Edo period. His father and mother were Iehisa KONOE and Man-kimi (the daughter of Yoshitaka SHIMAZU), respectively. He performed genpuku (coming-of-age ceremony for boys) in 1734. Tsunehiro KONOE, Koreko KONOE (the consort of Emperor Gomomozono and the mother of Imperial Princess Yoshiko/ her style was Seikamonin), and Toshiko (the consort of Shigemura DATE, the lord of the Sendai Domain) numbered among his children.

He worked as Kanpaku to Emperor Momozono and Emperor Gomomozono and acted as Sessho (regent) for Emperor Gosakuramachi and Emperor Gomomozono. Also, it is said that when Emperor Gomomozono passed away in 1779, Uchisaki, together with the retired Emperor Gosakuramachi, tried to select the heir apparent from the Fushiminomiya Imperial family.

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