Chiba Ujitane (千葉氏胤)

Ujitane CHIBA (1337 June 10 - 1365 September 28) is a busho (Japanese military commander) in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). The thirteenth family head of the Chiba clan. The second son of the eleventh family head, Sadatane CHIBA. His mother is a niece of Kyoshin SOYA. Wife is the daughter of Yoshisada NITTA. The official court rank is Jugoinoge (Junior fifth rank, lower grade), Chiba no suke (assistant governor of Chiba Province).

He was born in Kyoto in 1337. His father died in 1351. Eldest son, Kazutane CHIBA died in a battle before official family succession, so Ujitane took over as head of the family and succeeded the position of shugoshiki (military governor) in three provinces, Kazusa Province, Shimousa Province and Iga Province. In the same year, he worked with Takauji ASHIKAGA and battled with Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA troops, ad he achieved a meritorious service to defeat Noriaki UESUGI. He has many military exploits such as defeating Yoshimune NITTA a year later who was part of the Southern Court (Japan) power. However in 1365, he got ill in Kyoto, and on his way home in Mino Province, he was in critical condition, and on September 28 of the same year, he died in the age of 29. After his death, the position of the family head was succeeded by his son Mitsutane CHIBA. Also, the single pupil, Shoso became a Jodo sect priest, and is known to have founded the Zojo-ji Temple.

He was also a distinguished poet, and many of his poems are in the "Shin-senzai Wakashu" (new collection of Japanese poems of a thousand years).

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