Inoue Yachiyo (井上八千代)

Yachiyo INOUE is the name given to the head of the INOUE School.

Yachiyo INOUE the 1st

Given Name: Sato INOUE (1767-1854)
Founded the school based on court culture.

Yachiyo INOUE the 2nd

Given Name: Aya INOUE (1770-1868)
The daughter of the brother of Yachiyo INOUE the 1st
Incorporated elements from Noh.

Yachiyo INOUE the 3rd

Given Name: Haruko KATAYAMA (1838-September 7, 1938; maiden name: YOSHIZUMI)
Studied under the 1st head of the school, Sato, and the 2nd, Aya. Her husband was Kanze School Noh actor Kurouemon KATAYAMA the 7th. Did choreography and instruction for the Miyako Odori at its founding in 1872, taking Kyoumai dancing out of the traditional private venues and onto the stage; she also strengthened ties between Gion and the Inoue school, leading the school on an ascent. She had many students, including Yachiyo INOUE the 4th and Sata MATSUMOTO. She received the name of Yachiyo INOUE at 96 years of age; before which she went by Haruko KATAYAMA; refer to the website of the Katayama Family Noh and Kyoumai Preservation Foundation for more information. As is explained below, the wife of her grandson, Hiromichi KATAYAMA, was Yachiyo INOUE the 4th. Hideji HOUJOU's play "Kyoumai" stars Yachiyo INOUE the 3rd and Yachiyo INOUE the 4th.

Yachiyo INOUE the 4th

Given Name: Aiko KATAYAMA (May 14, 1905-March 19, 2004)

She retired in her old age and became Aiko INOUE the 1st. Her husband was Hiromichi KATAYAMA.
Children: Kurouemon KATAYAMA (the 9th), Keijirou KATAYAMA, and Motosaburou SUGIURA (all are Kanze School Noh actors)

Recognized Living National Treasure
Member of the Japan Art Academy
Received Japan Art Academy Award/ Art Festival Award
Received Order of Cultural Merit

Famous works include "Naginata Yashima", "Ama", "Kanawa", and "Shino".

Curriculum Vitae

1905 - Born in Kyoto

1908 (3y.o.) - Introduced to Yachiyo INOUE the 3 rd

1919 (14y.o.) – Accredited master
Named Aiko INOUE

1923 - Became an instructor at the Yasaka Nyokouba School Dance Department.

1931 - Married the grandson of Yachiyo INOUE the 3rd, Kanze School Noh Teacher Hiromichi KATAYAMA (Kurouemon KATAYAMA the 8th).

1947 – Succession to the head of the School, as Yachiyo INOUE the 4th

1952 - Received Japan Art Academy Award

1955 - Recognized as Living National Treasure

1957 - Chosen to be Member of Japan Art Academy

1976 - Received Order of the Precious Crown, Butterfly

1990 - Received Order of Cultural Merit

2000 – Gave up the name to granddaughter Michiyo INOUE, becoming Aiko INOUE again.

Yachiyo INOUE the 5th

Given Name: Michiko KANZE (1956 -, Maiden Name: INOUE)

1956 – Born in Kyoto to father Kurouemon KATAYAMA (the 9th, Kanze School Noh Actor) and grandmother Yachiyo the 4th, Aiko KATAYAMA. Husband: Tetsunojou KANZE (the 9th, Kanze School Noh Actor).
Children: Yasuko INOUE (Yasuko KANZE) and Atsuo KANZE

Brother: Kiyoshi KATAYAMA

Officer of the Japanese Dance Association Inc.

Curriculum Vitae

1956 - Born in Kyoto

1959 – (2y.o.) Began learning dance

1970 – (14y.o.) Accredited master

1975 – Graduated from private Notre Dame Jogakuin Junior and Senior High School
Became a dance instructor at Yasaka Nyokouba School (Gion Girls' Art School)

1999 – Received Japan Art Academy Award

2000 – Succession to the head of the school as Yachiyo INOUE

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