Hiketa Yasusada (曳田康貞)

Yasusada HIKETA (dates of birth and death unknown) was a samurai who lived during the Kamakura period. He was commonly known as Daibu HIKETA.

He was born to Michisada SAJI in the end of Heian period, who was a family member of local ruling family in Inaba Province. Although the reason is unknown, he did not succeed the position of Goshi shiki (subdistrict headships) of Saji village which his father ruled. He had territory in Hiketa-go, Yakami-gun and used the name of the local land 'Hiketa' as his family name. Yasusada's younger brother Shigesada SAJI was so young when he took over Saji-go that Yasusada worked as Goshi shiki of the Saji-go instead of his younger brother for a long time. However, without returning the position even after his younger brother reached manhood, Yasusada transferred the position to his son Shigehisa, so that he was sued in the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). The fact that the plaintiff Shigesada performed feats in the Battle of WADA worked favorably to Shigesada in the suit, with the result that Yasusada was obliged to return the position in December 1213 after losing the suit. Yasusada lost the case and returned the position. The Hiketa family may have declined after Yasusada lost the suit, because the name of the HIKETA family including Yasusada does not appear in historical materials afterward.

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