Uesugi Yorishige (上杉頼重)

Yorishige UESUGI (years of birth and death unknown) was active in the Kamakura period. He was the second head of the Uesugi family.

He was a maternal grandfather of Takauji ASHIKAGA. He was a son of Shigefusa UESUGI. His sister was a wife of Masauji YAMANA. His official posts were Daizen no daibu (Master of the Palace Table), Kamon no kami (Director at the Bureau of Palace Upkeep), and Shoanmonin Kurodo (Chamberlain of Shoanmonin). He took a leading role in government affairs as a main retainer of the Ashikaga clan. Since he had lived in Kyoto as a member of the Fujiwara clan till his grandfather's time (to be precise, in his father's youth), he made use of his blood relationship for political maneuvering and succeeded in developing the influence of the Ashikaga clan.

Shigeaki UESUGI, Akinari UESUGI, Norifusa UESUGI, Kaga-no-tsubone, Kiyoko UESUGI, Nichijo, a daughter (a lawful wife of Michihiro KAJUJI), and a daughter (a lawful wife of KO no Moronao) were his own children.

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