Ishido Yoshifusa (石塔義房)

Yoshifusa ISHIDO (date of birth and death unknown) was a military commander in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). His posthumous Buddhist name was Shukei (or Gikei NYUDO).

Yoshifusa became Shugodai (deputy military governor) of Takauji ASHIKAGA who was Shugo (military governor) in Suruga province and Izu province in 1334, and was appointed to the position of shugoshiki (post of provincial constable) in Suruga and Izu in 1336. Yoshifusa was dismissed in the following year and dispatched to Mutsu province as the supreme commander of Oshu where he stayed until 1345, during which overwhelmed the Southern Court (Japan) including the Date clan, Akinobu KITABATAKE, etc. and successfully organized the Ou region. However, Yoshifusa was dismissed by Takauji ASHIKAGA because he acquired a stronger tendency to rule on his own. It seems that Yoshifusa temporarily lived in Kamakura in 1345.

After the Kanno Disturbance, Yoshifusa kept the attitude to oppose Takauji ASHIKAGA and belonged to Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA, the side of anti-Takauji power. In the Mori-no-sho Manor Yuyama Incident of Sagami province in December 1350, Yoshifusa seized Motouji ASHIKAGA from KO no Morofuyu in the Takauji side and reported the state of affairs to Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA. Yoshifusa was appointed to Shugo (provincial constable) of Izu province and Kai province by Tadayoshi. In the end of 1351, he was defeated in the Battle of Mt. Satta in Suruga province. After the death of Tadayoshi, Yoshifusa belonged to the side of Tadafuyu ASHIKAGA, conspired with Yoshioki NITTA and Yoshimune NITTA, and experienced many campaigns in the direction of Kinai region. However, soon he was overwhelmed by Takauji and had been deteriorated. After Takauji seized Kyoto in 1355, Yoshifusa disappeared without any trace.

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