Isshiki Yoshikiyo (一色義清)

Yoshikiyo ISSHIKI

A figure from the Sengoku (Warring States) period.

A figure from the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

Yoshikiyo ISSHIKI: Sakyo no daibu (Master of the Eastern Capital Offices)

Yoshikiyo ISSHIKI (dates of birth and death unknown) was a figure during the Sengoku period (period of warring states) (Japan)
Also known as Goro. Served in the government as Sakyo no daibu (Master of the Eastern Capital Offices). Head clansman of the Isshiki Clan. The previous head of the clan is thought to have been Yoshiari ISSHIKI although details are unclear pertaining to the period when the succession took place and the family connection shared by Yoshiari and Yoshikiyo.

He served as Shugo (Military Governor) of Tango Province but, as part of disturbances affecting the whole country, he was attacked by the Takeda clan of Wakasa Province and also suffered from Gekokujo (the revolt of vassals against their lords) of the family of Shugodai (deputy Governor), the Nobunaga clan.

From 1516 until the following year, he battled fellow clansman Kuro ISSHIKI. When hostilities began, Yoshikiyo joined forces with Naotsune ISHIKAWA of Kaetsu-jo Castle and Kuro joined forces with Harunobu NOBUNAGA who was serving as Shugodai, but apparently, Kaetsu-jo Castle came under assault and was for a time lost (according to "Toji Kakocho" (To-ji Temple Death register)). Yoshikiyo's movements are confirmed up until 1519.

There has been conjecture that Yoshikiyo ISSHIKI is Yoshiyuki ISSHIKI's father (or grandfather). Also, although details remain unclear, there is a theory that he is the father of Miyoshino, who first became a concubine of Yorinori TOKI and then later became that of Dosan SAITO. Furthermore, Miyoshino bore a child, Yoshitatsu SAITO, who went by the title of Isshiki Sakyo no daibu.

Yoshikiyo ISSHIKI: Echizen no kami (Governor of Echizen)

Yoshikiyo ISSHIKI (date of birth unknown – 1582) was the last head clansman of the Isshiki clan. The younger brother of Yoshimichi ISSHIKI. Also known as Yoshikiyo YOSHIWARA. Served as Echizen no kami.

He was the Lord of Yoshiwara-jo Castle in Tango Province. In 1582, following the murder of his nephew and head of the Isshiki clan, Yoshisada ISSHIKI, by Yusai HOSOKAWA, he moved into Yuminoki-jo Castle and took over the role of clan head. However, Hosokawa punitive forces soon appeared, the Isshiki troops were annihilated and Yoshikiyo ended up being cut off at Hosokawa headquarters, where it is said he made a heroic last-stand at the Shimomiyazu seashore.

The death of Yoshikiyo thus saw the collapse of the Isshiki clan, Governors of Tango, one of the four families the Muromachi Shogunate relied on for security. There is a separate branch of the Isshiki clan who served the Koga kubo (descendants of one of the Ashikaga families that held the office of the Kanto district administrator) at Satte-jo Castle. This branch continued on to serve as shogun's retainers and warriors of Mito clan.

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