Aoyama Yoshimichi (青山幸道)

Yoshimichi AOYAMA (September 11, 1725 – December 7, 1779) was the second lord of the Miyazu Domain, Tango Province. The first lord of the Gujo Domain, Mino Province. The fifth generation of the Aoyama family in the Gujo Domain.

The third son of Yukihide AOYAMA, the first lord of the Miyazu Domain. His lawful wife was the daughter of Mitsuchika MATSUDAIRA (heresy Mitsuyasu MATSUDAIRA). His children were Yukisada AOYAMA (the third son), 青山幸卓 (the fourth son), Yukikata AOYAMA (the fifth son), Yorikatsu TSUMAKI (妻木頼功) (the sixth son), a daughter (the second wife of Yoshisue AKITA), a daughter (the lawful wife of Yukitada AOYAMA). His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). Daizen no suke (the title of a person who was in charge of meals in the court). Okura no shofu (Junior Assistant Minister of the Ministry of the Treasury). The Governor of Yamato Province.

Yoshimichi was born on September 11, 1725. Although he was originally an illegitimate son, he became a heir in June 1744 since his younger brother Yoshiatsu AOYAMA, a legitimate son of the same age as he was, was disinherited due to weak constitution. In November 1744, succeeded to the position of family head at the time of his father's death to become the lord of the Miyazu Domain. In December 1758, transferred to the Gujo Domain, Mino Province. As his domain duties, he tried to stabilize the domain government by conducting land surveys, establishing laws, and so on in order to reform the bad government by the Kanamori clan, the former lord. However, it is said that he was hated by people of his domain due to his strict oppression at the time of the Ohara sodo (revolt against the Ohara clan, the Intendant of Hida Province) in Hida Province in 1773.

By the way, it is believed that Aoyama (in Minato Ward, Tokyo) is so called because the Edo residence of the ruler of the Gujo Domain was located there.

He transferred the head of the family to his first son Yukisada AOYAMA on January 2, 1776 to retire, and died on December 7, 1779. Died at the age of 55. The posthumous Buddhist title: 歓喜院義天喬山大居士. Grave: the Baiso-in Temple at Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo.

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