Higashibojo Yoshinaga (東坊城徳長)

Yoshinaga HIGASHIBOJO (June 26, 1869 - August 8, 1922) was a member of the Japanese peerage. He served as Outakai-bugyo (the superintendent of the Imperial Poetry Reading Party) and as a parliament member of Kizokuin (the House of Peers). His last rank was viscount (according to Japanese Ranks and Orders). Yoshinaga was a son of Tadanaga HIGASHIBOJO, who was Daigaku no kami (Director of the Bureau of Education). His childhood name was Nobumaru.

The Higashibojo family was offspring of SUGAWARA no Michizane and was a kuge family (court noble) descended from the Takatsuji family and the Gojo family. The founder of the Higashibojo family was Shigenaga HIGASHIBOJO, the second son of Tametsune GOJO. On August 8,1884, Yoshinaga was raised to the peerage and given the title of viscount. Later, he served the imperial court working in various positions such as Gyosei-Torishirabe-gakari (poetry teacher for the imperial family), Shoten (conductor of court ceremonies), ad hoc member for compiling poems by Emperor Meiji, Outadokoro-sanko (official of the Imperial Poetry Bureau) and Outakai-bugyo (superintendent of the Imperial Poetry Reading Party). In 1911, Yoshinaga became a parliament member of Kizokuin and belonged to a faction. Masanaga HIGASHIBOJO succeeded to Yoshinaga. Actress Takako IRIE (real name: Hideko) was his second daughter and his first daughter and Hideko's elder sister, Toshiko HIGASHIBOJO served Empress Teimei as court lady for a long time in the Taisho era and was married to Rikizo HOSOKAWA, the founder of Meguro Gajoen. Yasunaga HIGASHIBOJO was his son and Wakaba IRIE is his granddaughter.

Since 1902, Yoshinaga had assumed the position of chairman of Tofukai, the patronage group for Ota-jinja Shrine enshrining his ancestor SUGAWARA no Michizane.

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