Kujo Yoshisuke (九条良輔)

Yoshisuke KUJO (October 15, 1185 - November 30, 1218) was a kugyo (court noble) in the end of Heian period to the early Kamakura period. He was the fourth son of Kanezane KUJO. His mother was a daughter of Moriaki TAKASHINA. Since his Buddhist name was Hachijo, he was also called Yoshisuke HACHIJO.

Brief Personal History

He was born as the fourth son of Kanezane KUJO.

He became Jusani (Junior Third Rank) on August 26, 1200.

He became udaijin (minister of the right) in 1209 (1209 to 1211).

He became sadaijin (minister of the left) in 1211 (1211 to 1218).

He died in 1218.

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