Hatakeyama Yoshitaka (畠山義堯)

Yoshitaka HATAKEYAMA (? - July 27, 1532) was a provincial constable in Kawachi Province and Yamashiro Province, and also a Muromachi bakufu kanrei (shogunal deputy for the Muromachi bakufu). He was the fifth lord of the Hatakeyama Soshu family. He was the son of Yoshihide HATAKEYAMA. He was the father of Ariuji HATAKEYAMA. His wife was the daughter of Sumimoto HOSOKAWA. His another name was Yoshinobu.

In 1526, though tentatively, he became a Muromachi bakufu kanrei. Later he allied with Harumoto HOSOKAWA, the son of Sumimoto HOSOKAWA who was his Gikyodai (associate with each other as brother) to fight with Takakuni HOSOKAWA and Tanenaga HATAKEYAMA, the common enemies, and overthrew Takakuni in 'Daimotsu-kuzure' (Battle of Daimotsu).

However, he confronted with Harumoto, the leader, over the later policy. Not only the expansion of his power was watched out, but also Nagamasa KIZAWA, his senior vassal, who was uniquely plotting to strengthen relations with Harumoto, defected from him and moreover, he was attacked by the allied forces which was formed including Tanenaga HATAKEYAMA of the Bishu family, the natural enemy of the same clan.

On July 27, 1532, he besieged the Imoriyama-jo Castle, the residence of Nagamasa KIZAWA, together with Motonaga MIYOSHI and while predominantly carrying forward the state of the war, he was defeated by Ikko Ikki (an uprising of Ikko sect followers) which appeared to support Kizawa and committed suicide by the sword (Battle of Imori-jo Castle). This ruined the Hatakeyama clan in the line of Yoshinari HATAKEYAMA (Hatakeyama Soshu family), one of the clans that had been divided the Hatakeyama clan into two since the Onin war.

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