Ouchi Yoshitaka (大内義尊)

Yoshitaka (義尊) OUCHI (1545 - October 11, 1551) was the heir of Yoshitaka (義隆) OUCHI. His mother was 'Osai no kata' (a daughter of Koreharu OTSUKI) with whom Yoshitaka (義隆) was said to have been infatuated. In 1547 he was conferred the Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and Suo no suke (Assistant Governor of Suo Province) at the age of three.

When Takafusa SUE, a senior vassal of the Ouchi clan, raised a rebellion against Yoshitaka (義隆) in 1551 and other senior vassals followed the action of Takafusa, Yoshitaka (義尊) escaped from Yamaguchi to the Dainei-ji Temple in the Nagato Province with his father Yoshitaka (義隆) and other nobles. However, on September 1, Yoshitaka (義隆) committed suicide at the Dainei-ji Temple. Yoshitaka (義尊) who had escaped the temple was also captured by a warrior of the Sue army and killed on the next day. Died at the age of 7. There was a theory that Takafusa had been going to put up Yoshitaka (義尊) as an heir of the Ouchi clan without killing him. In the Motonari MORI (Taiga-dorama (NHK Historical Drama)) there was a scene based on this theory that Takafusa wished to revive the Ouchi clan by putting Yoshitaka (義尊) as an heir but regretted the undesirable result caused by a warrior who did not know his intention.

The long tradition of the main branch of the Ouchi clan, which had served as successive Shugo (provincial constable) of the Suo and Nagato Provinces, was broken by this incident.

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