Yamao Yozo (山尾庸三)

Yozo YAMAO (November 5, 1837 - December 21, 1917) was the person who lived from the end of Edo period to the Meiji period. He was the viscount.
He was from Futajima Village, Yoshiki County, Suo Province (currently, Aiofutajima, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.)

Brief Personal History
He learned seamanship in Tokyo.

YAMAO and Hirobumi ITO assassinated Tadatomi HANAWA in 1862.

In 1863, he smuggled himself to Glasgow, London to study with Hirobumi ITO, Kaoru INOUE, Masaru INOUE and Kinsuke ENDO, who were together called Choshu-Goketsu (five feudal retainers in Chosyu Domain) and learned the various kinds of engineering.

He returned to Japan in 1868. After his return, he was assigned the important posts including Kobu gon no Taijo (Senior Secretary), Kobu Shoyu (Junior Assistant Minister) and Taifu (vice-minister), Kobukyo related to engineering. He also served as the first director of Cabinet Legislation Bureau which had been newly established.

He established Kogakuryo which was the predecessor of Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo.

He was enthusiastic about the education for developing human resources with hearing difficulties and established Rakuzenkai Kunmoin in 1880.

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