Hamamura Zoroku V (浜村蔵六 (五世))

Zoroku HAMAMURA V (Male, 1866- November 25, 1909) was a tenkokuka (artist of seal engraving) in Meiji Period in Japan.

His name was Yu, his other name was Yufu, his professional title was Zoroku, and he was also known for two other titles, Mukyudojin and Chochukutsushujin. He was known by his common name Rippei. He was from Hirosaki City, Mutsu Province.

Brief Biography
He was born as the second son of Daisoku MITANI and graduated Toogijuku with a major in western studies. He came to Tokyo at the age of twenty-three. He studied tenkoku (seal-engraving) under Sakou KANEKO, later he became a disciple of Zoroku HAMAMURA IV. He was asked and adopted by Zoroku HAMAMURA IV who didn't have an heir as his son and succeeded him in May, 1894; he lived in Mukoujima, Sumida Ward, for a long time. After touring all over the country, he visited Qing on two occasions. He socialized with Ko Yui (Kang Youwei) and other statesmen. He also socialized with Goshoseki and Xu Sangeng and learned the esoteric points of their arts. It is said that because of the exchange, the style of inho (sealing way) which had been kept in Hamamura family for generations was modified. However, the reason for the change of style might be attributed to the loss of books on tenkoku (engraving letters on the material of a seal) and other materials kept in the family for generations in the fire in Zoroku HAMAMURA V's time. He was said to be the greatest of all tenkokuka since the founder Zoroku. He handled different medium well and created stamps in gold and ceramic as well as stone. His stamp's surface, shape, and color, all had refined taste and were very popular. His seals were used by important personalities such as Tsuyoshi INUKAI and Rohan KODA.

He contracted typhoid and died of the disease. His age at death was 45. He was buried in a graveyard of Yanaka Tenno-ji Temple, Taito Ward.

Literary Works
"Zorokuko-inpu" (The Compilation of Seal Marks of Zorokuko)
Zoroku-doji-inpu (The Compilation of Copper Seal Marks of Zoroku)
Chochukutsu-inpu (The Compilation of Seal Marks of Chochukutsu)
Zoroku-kinjirushi (The Golden Seal of Zoroku)

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