Arashiyama Torokko Station (トロッコ嵐山駅)

Arashiyama Torokko Station, located in Saga Ogurayama-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Saga Sightseeing Tram Line of the Sagano Scenic Railway.

The telegraphic address for the station name is 'Toroara.'

Station layout
The station is located on the ground level and has a single platform serving a track. Placed between a branch point on the Sagano Line and a tunnel, its platform is extremely short. Therefore, the first and second cars on the Kameoka Torokko Station side stop inside the tunnel without their doors opened.
(Selective door operation)

Station surroundings
Arashiyama Park
Jojakko-ji Temple
Nison-in Temple
Okochi-sanso Villa

April 27, 1991: Its came into operation.

Adjacent stations
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