Cable Sakamoto Station (ケーブル坂本駅)

Cable Sakamoto Station, located in Sakamoto-honmachi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, is a stop on the Hieizan Railway Line (Sakamoto Cable) operated by the Hieizan Railway.

Cable Sakamoto Station, a stop on the Sakamoto Cable, is located at the foot of the mountain. The station building, whose architecture has been in place since 1927 when the station was opened, was registered as a national tangible cultural asset in 1997.

Station layout

Platforms are provided on both sides of the tramway, and occasionally, during the rush hour, doors on both sides of the cable car are opened to facilitate the exit of passengers. The tramway is provided at a gradient of 160‰, which isn't very sharp, and the platforms are gently stepped instead of being sloped. After the overhead wire was removed from the tramway in 2007, a rigid overhead wire for charging a secondary battery was installed on a portion of the station's platform. A roof covers the entire platform, which was installed when the station was built.

The current station building is what was built when the station was opened; the first floor contains a waiting room with benches, a ticket office, a kiosk, a crew's room, etc. The office occupies the second floor. On the first floor beside the entrance, there is a monument of one of the columns that used to support the overhead wire. Over the entrance of the station building, there is a description of the old station name: 'Sakamoto Eki' (坂本驛).

There is a bus stop of the Kojak Bus Co., Ltd., in front of the station. A toilet is located on the square in front of the station.

Station surroundings

Hieizan High School is located immediately north of the station.

Hiyoshi-taisha Shrine is famous for autumn leaves. It's a five-minute walk from the station.

Sakamoto (Otsu City)


March 15, 1927: The station opened as Sakamoto Station.

January 15, 1974: The station was renamed as Cable Sakamoto Station.

Adjacent stations

Hieizan Railway

Sakamoto Cable

Cable Sakamoto Station - Horaioka Station

(Unless passengers ask the driver to stop in advance, the cable car doesn't usually stop before reaching Cable Enryakuji Station.)

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