Gujo Station (公庄駅)

Gujo Station, located in Gujo, Oe-cho (Kyoto Prefecture), Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a railroad facility of the Miyafuku Line, which is operated by Kitakinki Tango Railway (KTR).

Station layout
Gujo Station is an unmanned facility with a platform and a single railroad track on the west side. There is a small square in front of the station office; it's located on the ground level, which is lower than the platform, which is built on a mound.

Station surroundings
National Route 175 runs slightly west of the station. The Yura-gawa River flows east of the station.

The Gujo branch post office, 100 meters southwest
Kawanishi Gymnasium

Passenger use
The number of daily passengers using the station was about 22 in fiscal year 2006.
(According to the Kyoto Prefecture Statistics Report)

July 16, 1988: Gujo Station opened as a facility on the Miyafuku Railway (currently the Kitakinki Tango Railway) Miyafuku Line.

Until the 1970s, there was Hokutan Railway Gujo Station on the west of the Miyafuku Line's Gujo Station (the Hokutan Railway station was closed in 1971 and abolished in 1974).

Adjacent stations
Miyafuku Line
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