Higashimuko Station (東向日駅)

Higashimuko Station, located in Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, which is operated by the Hankyu Railway.

Station layout
Higashimuko Station is an aboveground station having two separate platforms serving two tracks. The station building is located on the Umeda side of the platforms, which are connected by an underground passage. The ticket gate on the platform for Umeda is unmanned, so automatic ticket machines are provided. The platforms are wide for days on which horse races are held.

Platform numbers aren't assigned.

Station surroundings
West Japan Railway Company (JR West), Mukomachi Station
Mukomachi Station SATY (a chain store)
Saigoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage 20th Temple: Yoshimine-dera Temple (Shiawase Jizo (Happiness Buddha)) is accessible by bus (Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd.) or taxi from the station.
Shoji-ji Temple (the Temple of Flowers)
Jurin-ji Temple
Kyoto Mukomachi bicycle racetrack
Free buses run for the bicycle racetrack on the days that races are held.

Bus stop
Hankyu Higashimuko: The bus going through Higashimuko enters the business office and returns to Higashimuko for boarding, but passengers must wait for the bus to return before getting on. The operations of Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd., are managed by the Muko sub-branch of Oyamazaki business office (while only route 70 of Nagaokakyo route is operated by the Oyamazaki business office); both services are subcontracted to Hankyu Denen Bus Co., Ltd.
Route 4: Bound for Rakusai Bus Terminal (via Rakusai Newtown Route, Takada-cho, Rakusaiguchi Station and Nishitakenosato)
Route 24: A circular route for Fukunishi Takenosato (via Rakusai Newtown Route, Kurumazuka Jutaku (Kurumazuka residential district) and Rakusaiguchi Station)
Route 63: Bound for Rakusai Bus Terminal/Mukomachi St. (via Oharano Route from Higashiyama to Ukyonosato)
Route 64: A circular route for Hankyu Higashimuko (via Oharano Route from Higashiyama to Ukyonosato to Katsuyama-cho) : The last bus leaves at 13:26 on weekdays and 13:56 on Saturdays and holidays.A circular route for Hankyu Higashimuko (via Katsuyama-cho, Ukyonosato and Higashiyama): The first bus leaves at 13:55 on weekdays and 14:25 on Saturdays and holidays.
Route 65: Bound for Minamikasuga-cho/JR Mukomachi St. (via Oharano Route from Higashiyama to Ukyonosato)
Route 66: Bound for Saigoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage 20th Temple: Yoshimine-dera Temple (Shiawase Jizo (Happiness Buddha)) (for Oshio (Jurinji-mae (Jurin-ji Temple)) during winter season)/JR Mukomachi Station (via Oharano Route from Higashiyama to Ukyonosato/Haigata)
Route 70: Bound for Nagaokakyo Station (via Takino-cho) (via Nagaokakyo Route from Takino-cho to Ichimonbashi)
Route 71: Bound for Nagaokakyo Station East Exit (via Naka-kuze/Shimo-Kuze) (via Nagaokakyo Route from JR Mukomachi Sation to JR Nagaokakyo Station to Tomooka to Kugai)

Taxi stand
The Kyoto business office of Hankyu Taxi, Inc.

Passenger use
The number of passengers per day was about 10,129 in fiscal year 2003 (according to the Kyoto Prefecture Statistics Report).

November 1, 1928: the facility was opened as Higashimukomachi Station when the section between Takatsuki-cho Station and Kyoto Saiin Station of the Shinkeihan Railway was opened.

September 15, 1930: Higashimukomachi Station became a stop on the Shinkeihan Line, operated by the Keihan Electric Railway, as a result of amalgamation.

October 1, 1943: Higashimukomachi Station came to be operated by the Keihanshin Express Railway (the current Hankyu Railway) as a result of amalgamation.

October 1, 1972: the station was renamed Higashimuko Station under the municipality of Mukomachi.

When bicycle races are held at Kyoto Mukomachi bicycle racetrack, rapid express trains temporarily stop at Higashimuko Station in the early evening. Before the schedule revision of March 24, 2001, some express trains would temporarily stop at Higashimuko Station during the day and the early evening.

Before Rakusaiguchi Station was opened, the first train would depart from this station due to the tracks in connection with Katsura depot (Katsura Station) (the first train departs from Rakusaiguchi Station after the opening of Rakusaiguchi Station).

Adjacent stations
Hankyu Railway
Kyoto Main Line
(Commuter) Limited Express/Limited Express/Rapid Express
(Commuter) limited express, limited express and rapid express trains don't stop at Higashimuko Station.
Semi Express/Local
Nishimuko Station - Higashimuko Station - Rakusaiguchi Station

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