Higashiyama Station (Kyoto Prefecture) (東山駅 (京都府))

Higashiyama Station, located in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, is a stop on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line. Its station number is T10.

Station layout

The platform is on the third basement level, and like platforms of other Tozai Line stations it's a double-track, island platform with safety barriers. In April 2007, a warning display board showing the approach of a Kyoto City bus was installed in front of the ticket vending machine at the ticket gates.

Each station on the Tozai Line is assigned a unique station color, and the color for Higashiyama Station is pale blue. During the Kyoto Higashiyama Lantern Festival, lanterns are placed outside the ticket gate on the concourse floor.

Station surroundings

Coming up from the underground station, we find ourselves at Higashiyama Sanjo (the intersection of Sanjo-dori Street and Higashioji-dori Street), which is why this station is often used as a base for tours of the surrounding area, including Heian-jingu Shrine and Okazaki Park (Kyoto City). While most tourists use bus service from Kyoto Station to visit the tourist spots mentioned below, by using this station to make tours of Heian-jingu Shrine and other places one can conveniently avoid traffic congestion.

During peak congestion periods, such as the autumn leaf season in November, special transfer tickets are issued to passengers of the Kyoto City buses that go to Kyoto Station via Ginkaku-ji Temple, Heian-jingu Shrine and Higashiyama Sanjo (routes 5, 57, 100, etc.) so that they can transfer from bus to subway at this station in order to reach Kyoto Station. This special service is given for the convenience of tourists going to Kyoto Station when the Kyoto City roads south to Higashiyama Sanjo are heavily congested, apparently without announcing the schedule in advance.

(To the north of Sanjo-dori Street)

Lake Biwa Canal

Heian-jingu Shrine

Okazaki Park (Kyoto City)

The National Museum of Modern Art

Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

Kyoto Prefectural Library

Kyoto Kaikan Hall

Kyoto International Exhibition Hall (MIYAKO-MESSE)

Namikawa Cloisonne Museum of Kyoto

Kyoto Bunkyo Junior & Senior High School

(To the south of Sanjo-dori Street)

Chion-in Temple

Yasaka-jinja Shrine

Maruyama Park (Kyoto Prefecture)

Kacho Girls' Junior & Senior High School

Kacho College


Higashiyama Station was built by a third-sector company called Kyoto Kosoku Railway Co., Ltd.
(For details, see the article concerning the history of the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line.)

April 1, 2007: PiTaPa cards came into use.

Origin of the station's name

The ground station that existed when trains ran at ground level on the former Keihan Keishin Line was known as Higashiyama Sanjo Station. In other words, the station was renamed Higashiyama Station when it was rebuilt as an underground station. The station is named after Higashiyama-dori Street (or Higashioji Street), which runs from north to south above the station. The surrounding area is also called Higashiyama.

Adjacent stations

Kyoto Municipal Subway

Tozai Line

Keage Station (T09) - Higashiyama Station (T10) - Sanjo Keihan Station (T11)

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